Fixing Character and Word Spacing in InDesign

Remove Rivers in Paragraphs InDesign has the built in functionality to show you if your kerning is too squashed or if your rivers (gaps between you words) are too large and interfering with the look of your paragraphs. This is especially handy if you justify your paragraphs which may lead […]

Pull-Quote and Header Shading Styles in InDesign

Making Your Headers Fancy Would you like to know how to create responsive header designs and pull quote designs like these, that expand and contract according to the length of your text? There are some neat styling options available in the Paragraph and Border Shading dialogue box, but these options […]

How to Create a Noise Texture within InDesign

Adding texture to a design is a simple and easy way to make it more interesting looking. While this is a pretty straightforward thing to do in Photoshop, in InDesign this is another story. Adding patterns and texture doesn’t come built into the native InDesign package and 3rd party plugins are usually […]