If you come across a font you really like, but don’t know the name of, there are several ways you can go about finding this information. Here are four ways:


Open up a photo of your font in Photoshop. Drag a selection around the letters you’re interested in finding the name of using the marquee tool. When those letters are selected, click on the Type menu and go down to Match Font. Photoshop then goes through its database of fonts and tries to match the font you selected as close as possible to one it can find in its database.

Adobe Fonts

Go to Adobe Fonts, previously known as Typekit, and select the camera icon in the search bar at the top of the web page. Navigate to an image of the font you’re trying to find the name of. Adobe Fonts will scan the image and then you’ll need to make sure the font you’re interested in is selected. Adjust the corner handles if necessary. Click Next and double check the characters have been correctly translated in the text box and correct them if needed. Adobe Fonts will then list the fonts it thinks most closely resemble the font you’re looking for.


A similar option to Adobe Fonts is found on WhatTheFont. It follows pretty much the same format as Adobe Fonts – upload a photo of your font, select the characters you’re interested in and then view the results.

Adobe Capture

In my experience, the Adobe Capture app is a little buggy when it comes to finding fonts, but its worth giving it a shot to find out font names on the fly. Download the Adobe Capture app and navigate to “Fonts” in the bottom menu. Align the camera viewfinder with the text you want to capture then snap a photo of it. Capture will then ask you to select the text using the blue handles and once all that’s covered, hit the tick mark. With any luck, the Adobe will find a matching font in its database.

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