Keeping All Your Symbols Editable

Occasionally, you need to style text in a way that it has to be converted to outlines in order to get the style you want.

An example of this is where you’d like to have text with a border that falls outside the text. As of Sketch 55.2, this is not an option – a inner and outer boarders cannot be added to text, only a centered border.

Editable text with 2pt border that can only be placed on center perimeter of text.

In order to fix this, you need to convert the text to outlines and then you can apply a border to the outer perimeter of it.

Text converted to outlines with 2pt border on outer perimeter.

But what if you need to update this text often? Recreating the symbol each time is an inefficient way to go about it, so here’s a trick to keep your text editable within a symbol even if you’ve converted it to outlines.

First, type out the text then make it a symbol.

While on your Symbols page, click on the symbol (which is your editable text layer) and duplicate the later.

On the duplicated layer, convert the text to outlines and apply your layer style.

Hide the original text – this is the text you will edit each time you need to make a change.

Have two copies of your text in the symbol and hide the editable layer.

If you need to update the text at a later stage, go back to your symbol, delete the text that was converted to outlines, duplicate the hidden editable text layer, and make the duplicated text visible. Now you can convert it to outlines and apply your layer style.

Remember to keep a copy of your editable text in a hidden layer within the symbol so you can update it whenever you need to.

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