Adding texture to a design is a simple and easy way to make it more interesting looking. While this is a pretty straightforward thing to do in Photoshop, in InDesign this is another story. Adding patterns and texture doesn’t come built into the native InDesign package and 3rd party plugins are usually required. However, there is a neat way to add some noise to a frame in InDesign. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create your frame and fill it with the desired colour.
  2. While the frame is selected, go to Object > Effects > Inner glow in the top navigation bar.
  3. In the options section of the dialogue box push the noise slider up to 100% (or as much as it suits you).
  4. Change the source to ‘centre’ and the size to 0.
  5. You can change the blending mode to ‘normal’ if you like, however, this will depend on what colour you select the noise to be, so play with this option a bit and see what works for you.
  6. The effect will be quite strong, so lower the opacity to suit your taste.

There you go – instant noise texture in InDesign.

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